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When I think Miami, I don't think clap-happy indie-pop, but that's not stopping Baby Calendar. The trio have only been at it for two years and recently released their third full-length on HHBTM Records (who organize Athens Popfest).

Within the first minute of Within Cell Walls you can hear why Jackie Biver's vocals draw many comparisons to Rainer Maria's Caithlin De Marrais. Jackie's belted-out lyrics are balanced by moments of delicate coo-ings. And, like any respectable love-pop band, they also have claps, a casio and a tambourine.

I'm not sure whether they are romantically involved but their back-n-forth male/female vocals definitely echo the chemistry that floats around between the husband/wife duo of Mates of Sate. Well, except that there are three of them, but who am I to stop free love?

Baby Calendar will be playing Athens Popfest at 8pm on Wed August 9th @ Little Kings

Other tour dates after the jump.

Tour Dates

  • 8/14: Nashville, TN
  • 8/15: Knoxville, TN
  • 8/16: Washington, DC
  • 8/17: Chapel Hill, NC
  • 8/19: Athens, GA
  • 9/15: Delray Beach, FL
  • 9/23: Miami, FL
Music: RIYL:Rainer Maria, Mates of State, Smoosh Rating:
Four stars/5 Stars


lissette (09:10 PM on 05.16.07)

hi jackie ur old friend i miss u. I was just thinking about the good old days so i looked u up

Porter (04:08 AM on 06.20.08)

tom and arik are my fuckin boys. love love love them.

check out for their new band thats awesome.

another thing is sometime in july they are supposed to be on what not to where. jackie is the feature and tom and arik go through her closet and there's like two baby calendar songs.

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The Crew

  • Eydie Cubarrubia
  • Taylor McKnight
  • Cory Monteiro
  • Keith Robinson
  • Brett Roegiers
  • Elizabeth Tan
  • Mark Trammell
  • Daniel Westermann-Clark


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