The Besties: Lessons In TweeThe Besties: Lessons In Twee

The Besties

Want a lesson on what twee really is? Sure, you could read the Wikipedia entry. Instead, enroll yourself in The Besties' lessons in twee:

Lesson 1: Release your love

Release your album on Valentine's Day because you want the world to know you love them, like The Besties' Singer released this past V-day.

Lesson 2: Describe your love

In The Besties' One Sheet (.pdf) their label describes them as "so darn cute and tightly knit you might just want to wrap them all up with a big bow."

Lesson 3: Name your love

Their name is The Besties. As in they are best friends. Awww. And all their song titles end with the word "song." Like Prison Song, Theme Song, Siren Song & Pirate Song. Kind of like those kiddie tapes you used to watch over and over again as a kid. The Eat-Your-Vegetables Song, The Super-Dooper Pooper Song, et al. Cutesy.

Lesson 4: Play the Athens Popfest

Play the fest put on by awesomely-twee-pop label HHBTM. You can find them on Thursday August 10th at Little Kings around 3:30pm.

Personally, they just make me feel like I ate too many cupcakes (you know the cute kind with the plastic ring in the frosting).

Music: RIYL:Half-Handed Cloud, Tullycraft, Suburban Kids With Biblical Names Rating:
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christine (05:58 PM on 08.16.06)

Hey, we were there, too! What a great time.

Feel free to use any of my pix:

You're also invited to Popfest! New England in Northampton, MA, October 6 - 8.


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