3 Inches Of Blood: Metal Mania3 Inches Of Blood: Metal Mania

Ever heard of metal you could swing-dance to? Well, neither did members of 3IOB until I pointed out that one of their new songs -- "Night Marauders," which they played at Slim's during a recent U.S. tour -- had a syncopated rhythm that still resonates a month later. Then again, they noted in an e-mail exchange, "You were probably high."

Don't let images of rockabilly kids and MGM film classics scare you. Growing range and a spurt of change -- there are now more new members than founding ones in the outfit, known best for its dual growling/falsetto vocals -- are what make 3IOB so compelling in the metal realm. So much so that Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison is helming production of the band's upcoming album.

"There has been an upping of the ante... in that there are new influences and styles coming into the band," the guys say, "yet everyone is working hard to show that the member change hasn't had a negative influence or been a setback to the band."

Anyone who checked out the band during last month's tour would probably agree. At least in San Francisco, the crowd was highly appreciative of the current lineup (singers Jamie Hooper and Cam Pipes, guitarists Justin Hagberg and Shane Clark, drummer Alexei Rodriguez, and bassist Nick Cates). The slam dance pit kept more timid audience members a good 20 feet from the stage.

Those who've been following the band since before 3IOB's stint opening for The Darkness are already true fans. The rest of you should stream the Jordison-produced "Goatrider's Hoard" demo and grab the old favorite "Deadly Sinners" below. The demo sounds bit like a psychobilly/metal hybrid, fortelling even more compelling things to come.

Bumbershoot Performance: 7:45 - 8:45 p.m. at Ex Hall on Sunday, September 3rd.



Daniel of the Tower (11:51 AM on 01.22.07)

Listen, I don't think anyone really knows how great this band is. Sure, some say that this might be they're favorite band of all time, but they don't really know what an acheivement this band is accompishing. These crazy bastards are insanely good. They are supperb. Really muscical geniuses. If you are not instantly hooked by this band when you first liten to them you have no business listening to metal or even music for that matter. I find it very hard to believe that these guys aren't given the respect they well deserve by the music world. It's very surprising. These SOB's are the future of Heavy Metal. If not for them the flame lit by Judas Priest and Iron Maiden would be stomoed out by those pussy ass hardcore/metal wannabe's. And I now, The Blood has there fare share of hardcore undertones, but they've turned it into something surreal. Truely remarkable. I'm just shocked that they haven't conquered the music scene. I know it's been only one album so far, but it's the best damn album this metal fan has heard in years.

Eydie (04:41 PM on 04.13.07)

Did you see them during the tour with Cradle Of Filth? Just amazing. I'm sure the new album will open the doors for them, finally!

Sioux (10:41 PM on 08.26.07)

I got to see them at Ozzfest in Denver this year, and got to meet them. First off, AMAZING SET! Secondly, Alexei is a GOD among drummers... no questions asked, if you HAVE to ask, don't bother. You're lame. Thirdly, some of the COOLEST guys on the planet.

I'm a fan for life.

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