The Fall of Troy: DopplecoreThe Fall of Troy: Dopplecore

The Fall of Troy is a killer young band from Mukilteo, Washington, a small little burg just outside of Seattle. Their music, however, is anything but small. It's epic, loud, hard and packed full of dynamite.

Upon first listen you might be reminded of At The Drive-In. Perhaps with a bit of an emo sound mixed in. And I think that's an apt comparison. My guess is most folks will put these guys in the "screamo" or "emocore" category.

After a few more listens you may, like I did, realize that there's quite a bit more going on here. The Fall of Troy are an interesting band; full of talent, technically adept and bursting with creativity. Their latest release Doppleganger has been in pretty heavy rotation for me the last few weeks and I can't wait to hear something new from them.

I'm planning on catching their set (even though I can't stand the Exhibition Hall) on Sunday and I'm really looking forward to it.

Bumbershoot Performance: 12:30 p.m. at the What's Next Stage in the Exhibition Hall on Sunday, September 3nd.

Music: RIYL:At The Drive In, Mars Volta, Blood Brothers, Coheed and Cambria


Brett (07:48 PM on 08.31.06)

Awesome band.

matty b (01:42 PM on 10.27.07)

these guys are one of the best bands ever. thomas is crazy good onb guitar, i suggest listening to songs like
we better learn to hotwire a uterus (doppelganger)
act one scene one (doppelganger)
the adventures of allan gordon (the fall of troy)

and there is a new album out, its full of good tracks too.

Lola (04:17 PM on 05.31.08)

Some of the best guitar Ive ever heard.

Katze (10:08 PM on 01.13.09)

um Thomas i wish you would f.... me :X listen to his guitar sounds make me aroused, sehr gute musik :D

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