Bumbershoot Day TwoBumbershoot Day Two


My second day at Bumbershoot was quite a bit mellower than the first in many ways. I spent lots of time relaxing and enjoying the day and much less time running from show to show.

That said, there was some great performances to be seen and I managed to catch a few.

I started the day watching Dengue Fever and couldn't be happier about it. They put on a terrific show. It's really too bad they played opposite The New Pornographers as I really would have liked to catch that as well.

From there it was off to the beer garden and then a tour around the grounds. There's so much going on at Bumbershoot, you could spend a whole day just walking around and people watching. There's also lots of great food and some pretty interesting art installations all over the place. The Fire-Pod was really cool.

I decided to skip The Fall of Troy (I didn't feel like being inside) and didn't really see much but a few snippets from Common Market (who were great), Crystal Skulls and Rishi Rich. I ended up spending my night watching Great Big Sea play for a raucous and surprisingly large crowd. Since they were going up against Zero 7 (who I was able to catch a quick glimpse of right at the end of their set) and Kayne West (who I heard was great), I'd thought that there wouldn't be too many people watching them. I was wrong -- it was packed.

The highlight for we was Dengue Fever, and as with every day here I've got a few regrets. I'd have really liked to see Kayne West, and I know that The New Pornographers put on a great show. Ah, well, these things are almost always about choices.

Today I need to decided between The English Beat, who were my favorite band for a year or so in high school, and A Tribe Called Quest, who I know is going to be outstanding. I'm pretty sure either will be a great time.



kim (07:07 AM on 09.05.06)

i love the new pornographers but their performance wasn't great enough to make up for missing Dengue Fever. i wish i'd seen DF instead.

Monica (03:21 PM on 09.06.06)

Does anyone have a photo of the Bumbershoot Kanye West show? I was up on stage in the string section & am looking for a photo. Many thanks if you can help.

Monica (03:23 PM on 09.06.06)

My email is harppoet@gmail.com

buphalo (04:37 PM on 09.07.06)

please change the link you have for fire-pod to www.fire-pod.com as you are now linked to an outdated site. thanks for the exposure!

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