Bumbershoot Day ThreeBumbershoot Day Three


I spent lots of time yesterday sitting (or laying) on the grass listening to good mellow music. I wish I could tell you that I saw something outstanding, but while everyone was really good, nobody really blew me away.

Still, it was a great way to wind up a great festival. To be honest I was pretty crispy from the previous two days and needed the relax time.

I think my favorite of the day was Rocky Votolato, a band I'd surprisingly never heard of until that morning. On the way down they were playing live on KEXP and they sounded really, really good. There were actually many more people than we'd expected so we didn't get to see them all that well, I'm looking forward to when they come back to town to try and catch them again.

The highlight was probably that I finally made it into Flatstock which, as expected and per usual, was amazing. If you love posters, or are just a lover of beautiful and engaging art, you really should try and catch it if it comes to your town. I'm pretty sure they're done for awhile, but I do know they travel around a bit. They'll certainly be here in Seattle next year for Bumbershoot. Come on out and pay a visit!

All in all I'd say this year's festival was great. I think my favorite act was probably The Gossip, who just happened to be the first band I saw. Ah, yeah, good times. We'll have lots more coverage and some more in-depth reviews later this week as we've got time to write it up. I'm hoping to get some photos and video up soon too as well. I've got some good stuff to share with y'all.



Taylor (11:27 AM on 09.05.06)

Glad to hear you had a good time. Isn't Rocky Votolato just one dude? I saw him play in a tiny record shop here in Gainesville a few years ago (like 10 people just sitting on the floor listening). He's great. Reminds me of "good" Dashboard Confessional (before he added a whole band and went MTV).

Flatstock as actually one of my big highlights from SXSW this past year. Kaela and I spent like 2 hours in there drooling and making up our minds. I got an awesome Explosions In The Sky poster I'm having framed this week (finally) :D

Keith (11:58 AM on 09.05.06)

Oh, yeah, I guess it is one guy. But he had a band with him. Again, I'd never heard of him until yesterday morning. Flatstock was killer. I've got a list of posters to buy now, would have bought them then but I didn't want to cart them around all day, to worried they might get mucked up.

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