Athens Popfest 2006: Mountain Goats MP3sAthens Popfest 2006: Mountain Goats MP3s


The show I raved about at this year's Popfest was recorded by the incrediblely talented Sloan Simpson. Since this was probably in my top 10 concerts ever you can imagine how ecstatic I am that I can relive it over and over and over.

Mountain Goats (mostly solo John Darnielle; second half poorly backed up by Perry Wright)
August 10th, 2006 at 40 Watt
Full .zip (106 MB) or you can download/stream them on

Set List

01) Intro
02) Jeff Davis County Blues
03) Color In Your Cheeks
04) Southwood Plantation Road
05) Oceanographer's Choice
06) The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton (hail satan!)
07) Broom People (about a girl he used to have sex with 3 times a day)
08) Golden Boy (never been played live before)
09) You Better Keep It On Your Mind
10) Going To Georgia (ends with story about this version of No Children)
11) No Children (beautiful crowd sing-a-long)

Perry joins in on backup guitar + vocals:
12) Song For Dennis Brown
13) Elijah
14) Monkey In The Basement
15) Wild Sage
16) Night Of The Mules
17) Dance Music
18) Against Pollution (Please shut up Perry)

19) I Am Morris Townsend (Perry Wright original)
20) See America Right
21) This Year

Five stars/5 Stars


hilary (12:00 AM on 10.30.08)

this is absolutely amazing. i dont know how to say thanks. i love how chatty/drunk darnielle is. the sound quality is brilliant and the set list is to die for.

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The Crew

  • Eydie Cubarrubia
  • Taylor McKnight
  • Cory Monteiro
  • Keith Robinson
  • Brett Roegiers
  • Elizabeth Tan
  • Mark Trammell
  • Daniel Westermann-Clark


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