The Blow's Paper TelevisionThe Blow's Paper Television

CMJ Marathon 2006 Podbop Festival Coverage

With beautiful, fun, dancey but heartfelt pop music, The Blow keep improving with their fourth full-length release, Paper Television, coming out October 24th. Here's a track-by-track rundown of the new sounds:

1. Pile Of Gold - Pete Ohs (of my favorite newly discovered music blog at the moment The Anchor Center) says it all in his Video Review (in the style of VH1's Pop-up Video).
Key Lyric: "All the girls are sitting on a pile of gold."

2. Parentheses - With a soft Hawaiin vibe, this should be every English teacher's love song of choice. And if one pair of parenthesis is good, two must be better ))<>((
Key Lyric: "When you're holding me, we make a pair of parentheses."

3. The Big U - Jona Bechtolt (one half of The Blow) brings the beats mixing in some galactic videogame inspired bleeps. An odd love song speaking to a lover (girl? guy?) in love with another man.
Key Lyric: "I consider myself lucky to be let in on your threesome."

4. The Long List Of Girls - Continuing with the pushed-to-the-side, one-of-many-lovers songs on this album, one can't help but think she subconsciously likes being in this position.
Key Lyric: "Rub up on me boy, I'll love you enough."

5. Bonjour Jeune Fille - It starts out with the same verse being sung alternately in French and English and gets dirtier and dirtier from there as she continues to offer her body up for free love.
Key Lyric: "I'll make you into a suit of clothes and wear you."

6. Babay (Eat A Critter, Feel It's Wrath) - Khaela's beautiful voice really shines as she stretches out the Babay chorus. One of the best tracks of the album. It's also the turning point where she starts to realize that the antoganist wasn't playing hard to get, but was generally not interested.
Key Lyric: "Baaaaaaaaaybaaaaayheyayayayayyyy Baaaaybayyy."

7. Eat Your Heart Up - As this heart-broke theme continues she seems to be getting a little agressive now, instead of being content to be one of many like in track 4.
Key Lyric: "Chew it up and swallow."

8. Pardon Me - "Pardon Me" reminds me of Ben Harper's "Excuse Me" (both the beat and song title). While Ben laments the destruction of our planet, Khaela takes on one night stands and being led on. She picks things up, she breaks things down and she even throws in a crunch (literally) that would've been more humoursly placed in the previous song.
Key lyric: "Pardon me but wasn't that your heart / that I felt on the bed / in the bed in between the sheets?"

9. Fists Up - The hurt/broken/bitter stages of love+loss are taking their shape. She describes the difficulties and the pain of losing somebody you aren't ready to lose. It's no wonder this is the longest track on the album (clockin in at just over 4 minutes) as this is probably the most heartfelt and personal on the album.
Key Lyric: "My hopes have lost, my hopes have fried."

10. True Affection - The closing song has a bit of The Knife feel. She tries to be content with her loss, convincing herself she was out of his league. It's not a full resolution, but what in life really is?
Key Lyric: "I was out of your league, you were 20,000 underneath the sea."

Check out a solo set (without Jona's beats, lacking some of the oomph of the record) over on or grab their entire album Poor Aim: Love Songs (.zip) courtesy of her label until October 24th. Khaela's blog is at and Jona's is at I especially enjoyed Khaela's post on being alone.

CMJ Performance: Friday 11/3, 10pm @ Irving Plaza

Photo Credit: Khaela by Vicky Lim! on Flickr.

Music: RIYL:Phoenix, Hot Chip, Mates Of State Rating:
Four stars/5 Stars


jenny bird (12:08 PM on 02.23.07)

yooo i love paper television the sound of the music is absolutly awsome and mad crazy and i love the lyrics y'all better keep rockin' lol
much loooovvvve. ,
love jenny :P

(05:33 PM on 12.06.07)

the correct lyrics for fists up! are 'my hopes have blossomed, my hopes have fried'

Rose (01:15 AM on 01.10.08)

any chance you know where to find the lyrics for bonjour jeune fille?

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