Bad Wizard Will RAWK You!Bad Wizard Will RAWK You!

CMJ Marathon 2006 Podbop Festival Coverage

BadWizard.jpgBad Wizard's is that brand of low-brow rock-n-roll that flips a nice fat bird at indie prancers and somnamatic shoegazers. The kind of music that has no hoity-toity aspirations, whose notes underscore the whole loud and rollicking lifestyle that all musicians aspire to, even if they themselves don't realize it.

A friend says the group's AC/DC and then some. I see Bad Wizard as more akin to trailer-trash-rockabilly, as well as 1960s industrial personalities like Jimi Hendrix and MC5--trading in sideburns for beards, rolled sleeves encasing cigarettes with a big ol' pile of rolling papers.

I first heard these guys opening for 3 Inches Of Blood (see my previous post) and Early Man. They stirred something in my soul, even though I was in the bowels of Slim's in San Francisco hanging with friends. Maybe it's because they reminded me of my high school days in the late 1980s, when I was one of a very few who dug classic rock when it wasn't yet a radio genre. (Blasting the likes of "Funk 49" and "Cheap Sunglasses," my car stereo frightened both my dance team galpals and existential goth friends, heheh.)

Bad Wizard was founded in 1999 in Athens, Georgia, but soon migrated to NYC. The band's latest album, Sky High, is out on Howler Records. Sure, sometimes these guys are way obvoius with their 1970s references and stadium-rock aspirations. But overall, that Southern-fried musicality coupled with the freneticism of New York living equals the aural equivalent of Jolt Cola. Ooohh, tasty.

CMJ Performance:
Friday 11/3, 1:15am @ Midway

Music: RIYL:Joe Walsh, AC/DC, MC5 Rating:
Three stars/5 Stars


Keith (02:04 PM on 10.25.06)

I saw these guys at SXSW two years ago. They're killer, they put on a great show.

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  • Eydie Cubarrubia
  • Taylor McKnight
  • Cory Monteiro
  • Keith Robinson
  • Brett Roegiers
  • Elizabeth Tan
  • Mark Trammell
  • Daniel Westermann-Clark


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