More Featured CMJ Marathon 2006 BandsMore Featured CMJ Marathon 2006 Bands

CMJ Marathon 2006 Podbop Festival Coverage

Here are some artists playing CMJ Marathon 2006 that we've covered for either Athens Popfest or Bumbershoot. I especially have to recommend Poison Control Center who put on one of the most entertaining shows I've seen this year. Just check out this photo to get an idea of their on-stage antics.

Athens Popfest 2006: Friday's Final Four: Recap with Deerhoof, Cinemechanica, We Vs The Shark and the incredibly entertaining Poison Control Center.

Athens Popfest 2006: Day Two: Recap featuring How I Became The Bomb, REM encounters, The Specific Heats, My Parents, Baby Calendar, Megaband and more...

The Smittens: Cuter Than Punk: The six-piece twee-pop band out of Burlington, VT, had some feel-good songs, upbeat personalities and "cutesy" nicknames...

Megaband: Play Loud: The latest alter-ego of the progressive post-hardcore band Cinemechanica is not to be missed as they play the Megaman II soundtrack.

Baby Calendar: When I think Miami, I don't think clap-happy indie-pop, but that's not stopping this trio.

The Besties: Lessons In Twee: Teachers of twee: Release your love, describe your love, name your love.

The Bicycles: Bubblegum Popsters of Today: The Canadian band that can shake it up like the Monkees and Kinks of yesteryear.

Cloud Cult: Happy, Happy Hippo: It's fairly accessible, but at the same time extremely diverse, thought provoking, quirky and deep.



Chris (03:37 AM on 11.09.06)

Tenki was amazing a Irving Plaza. They rocked the house! I loved the horns and bass playing.

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