Borat's Movie FilmBorat's Movie Film

CMJ Marathon 2006 Podbop Festival Coverage

Borat At CMJ Film Fest Screening Of His Movie Film The CMJ Film Festival had a showing of "Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" at the Walter Reader Theatre last night. It started about half an hour late; rough estimate since my phone, as well as everyone else's, were put in a "coat check" to thwart pirates who planned on taking grainy quality screen shots or 30 second movie clips, a real threat to future ticket sales, I'm sure.

It was all worth it as suddenly Borat made his way from the back of the room, kissing every man (and man) in the outside aisle. Usually you don't get to see the movie's character before a film, and Borat's guest appearance made the whole experience a bit more real. Aftr a quick introduction and thanks for coming in his lovable broken english speech pattern, he made it off the stage and the lights dimmed.

I've watched a few episodes of Ali G in my life (same actor, same kind of style) and had watched the preview for the film, but didn't have any real expectations. The film takes you on Borat's cross country journey from New York to California as he learns American customs to take back to his homeland and chases down the love of his life. A bear in an ice cream truck, mechanical bull riding with a prostitute, a baywatch babe and an intensely hilarious naked wrestling match later the movie had flown by. I'm not usually a dumb comedy fan. I wasn't that impressed with Zoolander or Dodgeball (two of my roommates favorites) but this movie literally makes you laugh till it hurts. The religious and easily offended may not enjoy the anti-semitism (there's a running of the Jews, and Borat even blames the Jews for the WTC), but taken all in good fun, it doesn't hinder the experience.

With the Ali G style of mixing a bit of reality filming (putting Borat in hilarious situations) along with normal movie directing, makes this the funniest film I have seen in recent memory (with Jackass 2 coming in a close second).

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan comes out in theaters this Friday November 3rd. You can check out the full streaming soundtrack to the film over at AOL Music.



MaxMitchy (07:46 PM on 11.12.06)

This was the absolute crappiest movie I have ever seen. I wish I had my $10 back. I would use the money to buy soap for my brain! Absolute Pile of Crap!!!

(08:57 PM on 11.12.06)

This movie SUCKED! Horrible and disturbing! Don't waste your money!

asdf (07:27 PM on 11.19.06)

I loved it. fuck the jews. and gypsies. and whites. especially whites. Learn to take a joke, an not to be offended by Jew jokes. God knows they are funny as hell.

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