Crazy Christmas Mix: Creative Names. NOT!Crazy Christmas Mix: Creative Names. NOT!

Day one in a crazy attempt to post 5 Christmas songs every day till Christmas

So I had this crazy idea (and some extra bandwidth) to post 5 Christmas songs a day till Christmas. Get on board my friends, today we will start off with one inspired by Borat's NOT jokes. Hey you song writer, creative name for a Christmas song..could you be any more obvious? But no, really, these songs are awesome:

If you have a great Christmas song (that not everybody has heard) email it to me at tips AT podbop DOT org.



fred (06:35 PM on 12.06.06)

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) was not originally done by Mariah Carey... try Darlene Love and Phil Spector....

Liliana (07:16 PM on 12.06.06)

Please check out the real "original" version of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home") by Darlene Love on the Phil Spector Christmas Album. You may wish to research Darlene's amazing career....she's one of the most important female singers in rock 'n roll history!

Taylor (09:56 PM on 12.06.06)

Haha kids these days. Think they know everything.

I'll check out the real version, I promise!

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