Crazy Christmas Mix: Sufjan SpecialCrazy Christmas Mix: Sufjan Special

Day 6 in a crazy attempt to post 5 Christmas songs every day till Christmas

Sufjan Stevens is unstoppable. First the well-known 50 States Project (where he's already done albums for Michigan and Illinois) and now a box set of his annual holiday EPs. Get all 5 EPs for $19 from Asthmatic Kitty (the record label Sufjan started with his father). Here's one song off each EP recorded from 2001-2006 (he skipped 2004).

* Highly Recommended

Awesome, animated video for "Put The Lights On The Tree" after the jump

If you have a great Christmas song (that not everybody has heard) email it to me at tips AT podbop DOT org.

Sufjan Stevens - Put The Lights On The Tree


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