Crazy Christmas Mix: Rap GiftsCrazy Christmas Mix: Rap Gifts

Day 14 in a crazy attempt to post 5 Christmas songs every day till Christmas

If Santa knew how to rhyme, wear bling and spend G's, this is what it'd sound like...

* Highly Recommended

If you have a great Christmas song (that not everybody has heard) email it to me at tips AT podbop DOT org.



Eydie (12:46 PM on 12.20.06)

Back in high school I was on the dance team (pompoms, high kicks, etc.) and we would always come up with a Christmas-themed dance routine for the last December basketball game. One year my friend suggested we use "Christmastime In Hollis" ("it's Christmastime/in Hollis, Queens/Mom's makin' macaroni and collard greens") and it was so different from the bland pop music of the late 1980s (New Kids On The Block territory, yo) that I couldn't wait. But we were cut off at the pass when our advisor said we couldn't use the song because "the audience can't identify with it." Code for "it's too black for a high school that's so white they thought a Filipino chick (ME) was black."

Taylor (03:49 PM on 12.20.06)

That is a really funny story Eydie :)

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