Interview: CSS' Luiza SaInterview: CSS' Luiza Sa

After seeing their incredible live show at Brooklyn Vegan's free CMJ shows, I caught Luiza Sa for a very brief interview while she was hastily packing up her stuff (CSS played about 2 shows a day during CMJ).

Podbop: I'm not sure if you get this a lot, but you're aware that C.S.S. also means Cascading Style Sheets and has to do with web design?
Luiza: It's like links and code right? Yeah I used to do that, but comon' making that was really shitty.

Podbop: What are some of your favorite live shows ever?
Luiza: Madonna, when I was 10. It was really important to me. It was in 1993 in San Paulo. It was the girly show that fuckin rocked. Peaches in 2003, also in San Paulo and the Flaming Lips in 2001. I really liked it. I love PJ Harvey too and have seen her three times. She's so good.

Podbop: What inspires you as a musician?
Luiza: Other things. We all really addicted to music and listen to it all day. I have so much music and I love it. We don't call ourselves musicians, and it's very liberating. It's like making art, but not titling yourself an artist so you don't have this pretentiousness. I never learned how to play the guitar, I just play music. It's very freeing. You don't have to be the greatest, you just have to do your thing. Movies inspire us. Soffia Coppola. We think of colors to describe music. We have this song called Patins (rollerskates in Portuguese) and the lyrics have nothing to do with it, but when we heard it, it seems like what we'd be doing.

(photo by Pulmonary Archery)



Bob (05:37 PM on 12.31.06)

Just want to thank you for your kind comment in this post on your blog about That's a great, one-line description of my show. It really means a lot and I think it has already generated visits to my sites.

Just to clarify a little, the podcast is called The JogTunesIndie Podcast. The website for the show is My other site, is a listing of runnable songs by label company artists.

Brett (02:54 AM on 01.05.07)

"It's like links and code right? Yeah I used to do that, but comon' making that was really shitty."

Great answer.

Chris M (01:07 PM on 01.20.07)

dude I love that you asked her about the CSS/CSS connection. Her reaction is totally priceless. I do wonder how often she gets it...

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