Digital Music Forum East: Day OneDigital Music Forum East: Day One


Anthony and I are at the Digital Music Forum East in NYC thanks to Dan Porter and Ned Sherman. It's one and a half days of panels focusing on the business side of the digital music industry; where it is and where it's headed.

Check out Anthony's recap of the first day. The most interesting panel was definitely The State of the Digital Union where there was some interesting debate regarding DRM issues and a great quote by Sony BMG's President of Global & US Sales:

DRM is all about letting the user do things

Anthony points this out and I totally agree. If DRM was executed so flawlessly, i.e. if I purchased a song I had full rights to burn it, load it, play it on all my computers etc while preventing rampant piracy, I would be okay with that. But that would require dozens (hundreds?) of competing companies to come together, agree on a standard, agree on a license, what constitutes fair use etc. Frankly, I don't think this is likely to happen in this decade. So what's the real world solution?

Plain vanilla MP3s (like eMusic) that let you do what you want with your music. Unsurprisingly, when the audience was polled (remember this audience consists of CEOs and directors of Warner, Universal, eMusic, RIAA, Zune, LiveNation etc) 73.2% agreed that labels won't be implementing DRM-free music by the end of 2007.

Greg Scholl, CEO of The Orchard, predicted the (further) split of the music industry into two: music and entertainment. Jessica Simpson, and other celebrity-esque entertainers and real music. Boy, I sure hope so.

Mozes is powering an SMS back-channel that is projected next to each panel to let the audience ask questions and comment. You can actually check out the live convos being broadcast at Mozes: Digital Music Forum East Channel.

More worthwhile reading:



Music_Lover (08:54 AM on 03.01.07)

Yes, it's true! This kind of technique for music contribution is in demand today. There are lots of sites and other new sites arising where you can have full rights to burn it, load it, play it on all your computers, etc and prevents rampant piracy at the same time if you have purchased a song from them. In fact, you can already view the music video and hear the music completely which is absolutely for free. So the competition in spreadinf music worldwide seems to be more and more challenging!

Brett lee (12:47 AM on 03.15.07)

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Hegestarteart (08:46 AM on 11.03.07)

How are you?

xztheericzx (10:29 PM on 11.05.07)

i'm eric. joining a couple boards and looking
forward to participating. hehe unless i get
too distracted!


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