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SXSW 2007 Coverage

10. SXSWiki: This one slides in on potential alone. The site is pretty new and pretty bare, but if it catches on this could be your one stop shop for all things SXSW. Go contribute!

9. See You In The Pit: A music blog that only posts January to March every year, and only posts about bands playing SXSW. They tend to cover the more well known (atleast in the blog world) bands but if you've overlooked bands like Pink Nasty and Beach House in the past, this is a great place to catch up so you don't regret missing anything.

8. Austinist's SXSW Coverage: Posting daily updates of all Inter+Music+Film, this blog is a good overview of everything. They also have a rad Interactive Guide (Gmaps Mashup). All those non-stop parties stressing you out? Can't decide where to be seen? Their map highlights some Editor Picks to make your decision on where to get drunk just a bit easier. Extra points for plotting your itinerary based on stumbling distance.

7. Yaris SXSW: Every year Toyota sponsors a Yaris branded SXSW site that always has some pretty damn cool goodies on it. This year they have a Google Maps Mashup (where you can plot showcases on a map to save/share with friends), band previews (provided by big players like Music For Robots and Gorilla Vs Bear), and a Band Video Contest

6. SXSW's Official Music Hookups: What I love so much about this conference/festival is how much they really get it. Not only do they offer the excellent Flash Player with streaming, skippable audio of bands playing the festival, they even post a 3.1GB torrent file with 739 MP3s. You can also check out older torrents.

5. SXSW Tag Page: This Yahoo! owned bookmarking site has a steady stream of new and interesting sites related to SXSW flowing through it pretty quickly as the conference nears. It's how I discovered things like Conferencer.

4. SXSW Baby: Considered by most to be the friend (or group of friends, really) that will show you around town, this site covers all three (Interactive, Music and Film). Anybody can post, so they have built up quite a community around the site. They also have the Ride/Room Share Board if you are looking for splitting some of those SXSW expenses with new friends.

3. Podbop's Scheduling App: Sure we may be a bit biased, but we think our scheduling is pretty sweet. Why? Well not only is it the only place to set up your schedule with day parties, unofficial and secret shows AND official showcases (like the ones on but you can also save and share it with your friends. Go try it out or check out mine (work in progress!).

2. Show List Austin: Your holy grail of non-official shows that do not require a badge or wristband. The funny thing is if you play your cards right, you can see practically every band people with badges can see at free day shows and record store performances.

1. Donewaiting's Unofficial SXSW Music Festival Blog: These guys update 800 times a day with the latest news about official shows, rumors, parties, food and everything else you could possibly desire. This is where you find out about the secret Flaming Lips shows (last year) and last minute additions. Their comments are especially worthwhile for additional insight. You want to be one of the kids in the know? This is your place.



Keith (11:53 AM on 03.06.07)

The Show List is my favorite. It's a great resource for anyone, even those with wristbands and badges as it shows everything going on during the day. Got two bands you want to see at the same time at night - check the List to see if one of them has a day show or party!

Anyone who's been knows how hard it can be to get around and the List helps make sure you get to see all those bands you really want to see.

The Burning Club (01:50 PM on 03.06.07)

Great run down. I agree with yout top two but feel you should have been more generous to Austinist - great showing of the day parties.

I will travel to Austin from Orkney in Scotland and I am chronicling my preparation/ schedule planning and highlighting some of the lesser known bands on my Band of The Day, as seen from the other side of the Atlantic .

See you in a few days !!

uwmryan (04:51 PM on 03.06.07)

This is VERY cool and useful. I'll be working on my schedule tonight. Thanks!

Paul (05:04 PM on 03.06.07)

What about Oh My Rockness' SXSW list? Looks pretty awesome to me.

Taylor (05:07 PM on 03.06.07)

Paul: I didn't include OMR because I felt that has the official shows covered, has the nonofficial shows covered, and Podbop (us) have both so there was too much overlap and weren't offering anything unique besides the few starred recommended shows.

Taylor (12:08 AM on 03.07.07)

Two GREAT resources that I totally left out:

Unofficial SXSW Info Mailing List:
(active mailing list community will answer all your questions about places to eat, where to find rsvps for parties and show recommendations)

SXSX by Drowned In Sound:
(the guys @ DIS post all kinds of party info as it develops)

Erica (03:24 PM on 03.08.07)

Hey Guys -- Cody is making some improvements to the We're looking at adding a link to each page -- so people can live chat while they are adding themselves as attendees to panels and events.

FWYB (04:26 PM on 03.08.07)

a big list of free / unofficial SXSW shows for this year:

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