Nordic Nights At SXSW: 12 CD Giveaway!Nordic Nights At SXSW: 12 CD Giveaway!

SXSW 2007 Coverage

Nordic Nights is a 2 night show-case of some of Scandinavia's finest bands. There are 6 bands performing each night and we have a mega-contest going on to give away a CD prize pack with 1 CD from each artist. That's 12 CD's total!

Want to enter to win? It's easy. Go create a personalized schedule for SXSW and leave a link to yours in the comments. Check out my schedule if you are looking for some inspiration :) We'll pick a random winner from the comments on March 15th!

Listen to the *entire* Nordic Nights Lineup in Pop-up Flash Player

Thursday March 15th Lineup @ Uncle Flirty's:

8:00PM Marit Bergman (Sweden)
"Bergman’s disparate influences speak for themselves: Madonna, X-Ray Spex, Discharge, Sonic Youth, Roberta Flack and Mary J Blige." [website] [MP3: No Party]

9:00PM Funky Nashville (Denmark)
"The taste of the American prairie mixed with Scandinavian hues and California surf - something that would fit comfortably on any Quentin Tarantino soundtrack." [website] [MP3: Hitch A Ride]

10:00PM Mammut (Iceland)
"Three girls and two boys aged seventeen and eighteen, whose gritty maturity and impressive endorsements (David Fricke) belie their peach fuzz and pig tails." [website] [MP3: Porkell]

11:00PM moi Caprice (Denmark)
"Skillful song writing combines with intelligent lyrics and a unique capability for coaxing the pop tune out of melancholic ether." [website] [MP3: For Once In Your Life Try To Fight]

12:00AM Rubik (Finland)
"Combining nearly hysterical guitar screeching and ambient landscapes with twisted pop melodies, Rubik write music for the manic depressives." [website] [MP3: City And The Streets]

1:00AM David & The Citizens (Sweden)
"No matter how up beat their folk-pop tunes might seem, David & The Citizens have a broken heart. And they're here to tell you exactly how it feels." [website] [MP3: A Heart And A Hand And The Love For A Band]

Friday March 16th Lineup @ Uncle Flirty's

8:00PM Irina Bjorklund & Peter Fox (Finland)
"Lady Lumberjack meets Moulin Rouge. Bjorklund is from LA-by-way-of-Scandinavia, and plays a saw. Somewhere, David Lynch just smiled." [website] [MP3 Casse Moi:]

9:00PM Marit Larsen (Norway)
"Her voice might sound like it belongs to a shy little girl, but after a decade in the music industry, Larsen’s songwriting has matured far beyond her 22 years." [website] [MP3: Under The Surface]

10:00PM Vincent Van Go Go (Denmark)
"It’s summer all year round for VVGG, who mix reggae, pop, funk, and soul with a taste of hip hop, Latin and jazz for a rousing commingling of influences." [website] [MP3: Do You Know]

11:00PM Johnossi (Sweden)
"Snotty lyrics, an acoustic guitar plugged into way too many distortion pedals, and a couple destroyed cymbals. What more could you ask for?" [website] [MP3: Man Must Dance]

12:00AM Grand Island (Norway)
"Sulfur vocals, heavy organs, banjo fingers from ‘76, desert bass and big city drums. It’s joyous, uncompromising, and rhythmic." [website] [MP3: Us Annexed]

1:00AM Reykjavik! (Iceland)
"Amphetamine-fuelled "guitorgies" prevail, as outright dissonance gets mangled by nonsense. A trainwreck never sounded so purposeful, or impressive." [website] [MP3: All Those Beautiful Boys]



ross (11:17 PM on 03.22.07)

did nobody comment/enter this? shame shame. i was at both of the nordic nights (mostly to catch the two marits, especially larsen, flutter flutter.) lovely stuff.

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