Do's and Don'ts of SXSW VolunteersDo's and Don'ts of SXSW Volunteers

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I got ahold of a top-secret document with rules for volunteers at SXSW. While they are pretty standard, yet entertaining, I was surprised at how much of a wall they try to create between the commonfolk volunteers and the landowners staff.


  • Do have a sense of humor
  • Do loiter outside the main Registration area
  • Do dress Austin Casual
  • Do leave the staff alone. They haven't had their shots.


  • Don't disturb Staff Members. Ever. This is for your own protection.
  • Don't smell like the French. Many are allergic to parfum, patchouli and the unwashed.
  • Don't dress like Britney Spears (in any incarnation) or the men she loves. All cleavage (upper and lower) must be covered or we will cover it for you. With a tent.

You have to volunteer for 40 hours before you earn any free passes, so the smart people are getting their hours out of the way for Interactive (so they can rock out during Music).

Photo by Sektormedia

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Eydie (01:30 PM on 04.09.07)

That's so funny--"Interactive" as the vegetables and "Music" as the dessert. Around here in SF/Silicon Valley, folks automatically think of the former when talking 'bout SXSW and don't even know/care that there's a music portion. Sigh.

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