Interview: Gerald GaryInterview: Gerald Gary

SXSW 2007 Coverage

Gerald Gerald Gary is the kind-hearted restroom attendant that was working when Scott, Erin, Brett and I went to Cuba Libre for a bite to eat in between SXSW parties. After relieving myself, I got a chance to pick his brain a little.

Download the full audio interview (2:53 minutes, 1.3mb) or read below:

What's your most popular item?
My most popular item is cologne.

What's your favorite?
To tell you the truth, I make my money off of the chewing gum. I may go to HEB and get a 10 pack of gum with a coupon for $1 and somebody may put $1 in the tip jar and I make my money back. Then I'll have 9 packs left to play with; to give away or make me some more profit.

What's the craziest thing you've ever seen in the restroom?
I haven't seen a fight since I've been here, but at the other club I work at I had to stop a fight. Two guys were ready to fight so I had to tell them don't go that way, don't pay them no mind.

That's cool that you get to play peacemaker
Yeah I try to be a peacemaker. I try to do everything with love, know what I mean?

Yeah, it definitely shows. What's a band you really like?
Montell. They play some of that old time music. They go way back, "Heard It Through The Grapevine", James Brown, Temptations, Bobby Blueman. See I'm not into all that young stuff, it makes my head hurt.

Are they a local (to Austin) band?
Yeah they are local.

[Somebody using the bathroom] The correct answer is damn good music.

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Erin (03:10 PM on 04.02.07)

Haha, scintillating fellow! And the gum scheme is mad genius.

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