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Chicks With LicksChicks With Licks

805South.jpgThe last competition rounds--to snag a slot at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis early next year-- are happening as we speak. For Southern California, acts who made it to the finals are playing a marathon show, Battle Of The Blues Bands, this Saturday at The Cellar in Long Beach.

Personally, I'm rooting for 805 South, who play the first set at 4 p.m. sharp. Think of them as the Riot Grrrls of the blues: Two ladies sharing lead vocal and songwriting duties, backed by classic instrumentalists on bass, drums, and lead guitar. Each chanteuse has her own sound and style. Rhythm guitarist Lisa Shea proffers a smooth alto that some describe as "female Jimi Hendrix," though she carries a tune much better than that guitar god. Candy Bailey, meanwhile, has a pretty-yet-edgy voice that reminds me of underground power-pop songstresses . Indeed, like Nina and Louise of Veruca Salt, Lisa and Candy are able to combine their different sounds and smoothly trade roles as frontwoman or backup singer.

Nordic Nights At SXSW: 12 CD Giveaway!Nordic Nights At SXSW: 12 CD Giveaway!

SXSW 2007 Coverage

Nordic Nights is a 2 night show-case of some of Scandinavia's finest bands. There are 6 bands performing each night and we have a mega-contest going on to give away a CD prize pack with 1 CD from each artist. That's 12 CD's total!

Want to enter to win? It's easy. Go create a personalized schedule for SXSW and leave a link to yours in the comments. Check out my schedule if you are looking for some inspiration :) We'll pick a random winner from the comments on March 15th!

Listen to the *entire* Nordic Nights Lineup in Pop-up Flash Player

Thursday March 15th Lineup @ Uncle Flirty's:

8:00PM Marit Bergman (Sweden)
"Bergman’s disparate influences speak for themselves: Madonna, X-Ray Spex, Discharge, Sonic Youth, Roberta Flack and Mary J Blige." [website] [MP3: No Party]

9:00PM Funky Nashville (Denmark)
"The taste of the American prairie mixed with Scandinavian hues and California surf - something that would fit comfortably on any Quentin Tarantino soundtrack." [website] [MP3: Hitch A Ride]

10:00PM Mammut (Iceland)
"Three girls and two boys aged seventeen and eighteen, whose gritty maturity and impressive endorsements (David Fricke) belie their peach fuzz and pig tails." [website] [MP3: Porkell]

V-Day Giveaway WinnerV-Day Giveaway Winner

Our V-Day Giveaway has come to a close and we have a winner who will recieve Patti Labelle's Beautiful Ballads, John Waters Valentines Day Album and an added bonus of his Christmas Album as well. The hilarious and winning response:

I lost my virginity to the Pippin soundtrack. On the floor of my parent's living room. In handcuffs. With ice down my back. An hour before curtain. (I was Pippin).

Photo by Arvada Center

V-Day GiveawayV-Day Giveaway

Thanks to Special Ops Media and Musebox, we have 2 CD's to giveaway. Just email contests AT podbop DOT org and let us know what song you lost your virginity to (shame on you if there was no music playing!). We'll pick a random winner and these CD's will be shipped off to you on Monday, just in time to set the mood for V-day!

Patti Labelle - Beautiful Ballads

A Date With John Waters (and watch his funny introduction/explanation of his album)

This American Life Contest WinnerThis American Life Contest Winner

Quite a few good entries but this one takes the cake:

My biggest fear is Aunt Jemima - the plastic bottle Aunt Jemima. The way she moved around and spoke on the TV commercials was always creepy. Plastic just shouldn't move around or talk. Thankfully, they have changed to a regular bottle-shaped bottle.

Reny from Jupiter, FL wins a copy of This American Life: Hope & Fear! Congrats :)

Summer Hymns ContestSummer Hymns Contest

This isn't a Podbop exclusive contest, but it sounded fun enough to pass along. We've given the Summer Hymns some love before and think it'd be pretty damn cool to have a song written about you.

Zachary Gresham, head Hymn-in-charge has decided that, for Christmas, he wants to write a song (or songs) based on you, the faithful listener. Send in your most interesting story, the stupidest thing you’ve ever done, your most embarrassing moment, whatever, and Zachary will select his favorite and compose a song for you and all of the blogosphere to hear! It’s that simple. Do you win anything else? Well, no, but the dude did write a song for you, no? Isn’t that enough?

Email with the subject heading “Summer Hymns contest” and we will get the stories to Zachary. All entries must be received by Dec. 18th. Spread the word. Anyone can enter! Hopefully Zachary will get it done by Dec. 25th, in time for Christmas Day. There are no guarantees—Zach even told me to tell you that he can’t guarantee it’ll be good, but he did guarantee it “would be a song.”

via Team Clermont (PR)

If you do enter, put your story in the comments so your story doesn't go wasted if you don't win. Personally I think this story about a Thanksgiving surprise deserves a song.

CMJ Artist CD Set Winner!CMJ Artist CD Set Winner!

CMJ Marathon 2006 Podbop Festival Coverage

CMJ is over and we barely survived. It was amazing. But don't be too sad, we have the set of 7 CDs from CMJ perfoming bands Autodrone, Locksley, Scanners, Silent Years, Twilight Sad, Bojones, and The Horrors to give away today!

And the winner is Cheryl who was looking forward to Autodrone the most. It was also the band that the most people replied about, so if you haven't already go listen to their myspace to see why.

Thanks for playing everyone and keep an eye out for continuing CMJ coverage as our hangovers fade :)

CMJ Artist CD Set Giveaway!CMJ Artist CD Set Giveaway!

CMJ Marathon 2006 Podbop Festival Coverage

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. We've got 7 CDs to giveaway to one lucky winner. Here's the bands you should go catch this week (and CD's you'll be hooked on way after CMJ passes). I plan on catching Autodrone, Twilight Sad & The Horrors.

Want To Win? Just email with your name, and which of these 7 bands you are looking forward to the most. If we haven't died from exhaustion, we'll pick one lucky winner to get all 7 CDs on Sunday November 5th.

Here are the bands playing CMJ this week (and the CD's that you'll win!):

Autodrone: A NYC dream-rock quintet fronted by singer Rachel Luria who's sexy exterior is only out shadowed when she opens those pipes of hers. Her voice will have you drooling all over the dance floor. You'll get their brand spankin' new Panic EP. Stream the hot track "Panic" off their myspace.
CMJ Performance: Nov 2nd 8pm @ Lit Lounge (w/ Born Ruffians, Whitey, Scanners, Pony Up!)

Locksley: Straight outta Brooklyn, these guys are totally an OK GO ripoff but that's okay because I love OK GO. Check out their music on their myspace and see for yourself. You'll win their album "Don't Make Me Wait".
CMJ Performance: Oct 31 11:00pm @ Fontana

Scanners: An indie-rock foursome from London, the Scanners play catchy, danceable yet heartfelt songs. They recruited a regular at one of their shows to play guitar and keyboards, and almost recruited Dim Mak "head honcho" Steve Aoki to play in their band. Lucky for you he chose to sign them instead, but maybe if you act really enthusiastic and attend all six of their CMJ shows they'll find a place for you. You'll win their debut album "Violence Is Golden."
CMJ Performances:
Oct 31st 8:00pm @ Stereo
Nov 1st 7:00pm @ The Annex
Nov 2nd 10:15pm @ Lit Lounge
Nov 3rd 6:30pm @ The Annex
Nov 4th 8:00pm @ Mishapes Party
Nov 5th 8:00pm @ Union Pool

Silent Years:These motor-city kids layer upon layer of cascading melodies with a little spicey bite (but not too much) to make one tasty sammich. Check out their myspace. You'll win their newly released self-titled album.
CMJ Performance: Nov 3rd 6:45pm @ The Delancey

Twilight Sad: This British group has been engineering their experimental-folk sound since 2003. Obsessively composing layer upon layer of found sound (like video games, saws, theremins) and recording in bathrooms, bedrooms and storage spaces, they are finally ready to hit the world with their 5 song EP on FatCat Records. And if that didn't already pique your interest, modern composer Max Richter produced it. Check out 3 great tracks on their myspace.
CMJ Performances:
Nov 1st 3:00pm @ The Fader Sideshow
Nov 1st 8:00pm @ Fontanas

Bojones: Psych-rock outta Houston, these twin brothers and vocalist Nicholas Greer have opened for bands like The Vines and Jet. Take that for what you will, but I think these guys are better than both of those acts.
CMJ Performance:
Nov 3rd 12:00pm (noon) @ PureVolume Loft (Invite Only)
Nov 4th 8:00pm @ Lit Lounge

The Horrors: Seemingly out of nowhere, this fivesome formed in the summer of '05 in the UK and have been getting much acclaim overseas opening for Yeah Yeah Yeah's and headlining the 100 Club. They even got music video visionary Chris Cunningham to shoot the video for their first single. Think gothy The Strokes with a bit more bite. Their sets are known for being fast and furious and only 15 minutes long. You'll get their new self titled EP. Check out their music and the CC vid on their myspace.
CMJ Performances:
Nov 2nd 9:00pm @ Annex
Nov 3rd 9:00pm @ Galapagos
Nov 3rd 10:00pm @ Studio B (yes an hour later, but hey they only play for 15 minutes)

Annuals/Tapes 'N Tapes Ticket Winner!Annuals/Tapes 'N Tapes Ticket Winner!

The contest for two free tickets to the Annuals & Tapes 'N Tapes show tonight in Gainesville, Florida is over. Some really good responses and even some recurring themes.

The Winning Response:
"The answer is as simple to me as a season - winter. All during the summer, where waves of humidity nearly drown you in Florida, you with for the cold air to wake you up in the morning, but it damns you to go back asleep, begs you to hop in a hot shower, punches you when you get out, welcomes you to wrap yourself up in multiple layers of cotton and ester (get it? poly-ester? eh.), numbs you like a stiff drink, and blows itself over the town, often giving you the excuse you want to not eat out and save money by staying in. Somehow, through all of the pins and needles, you manage to breathe deeper and think less scatterbrained.

Plus, music sounds better when it's cold."
- M. Terry

The most common response was something to do with winter in Florida. Apparently nobody likes sweating their ass off during the summer? Honestly, that's probably what I look forward to the most too. Tonight's low is 49 degrees so maybe Common Grounds won't be so hot tonight. See you all @ the show!

The Annuals/Tapes N Tapes Ticket ContestThe Annuals/Tapes N Tapes Ticket Contest


Annuals & Tapes 'N Tapes are hitting up Gainesville, Fl this Wednesday the 25th at Common Grounds. We have two tickets to giveaway to this show. That's right, it's time for a contest!

So go eat some brain food and email contests AT podbop DOT org with your name and something you look forward to annually (get it!). Best answer (as judged by the Podbop Editors) wins both tickets. We can be won over by both sap and humor (or maybe a combo of both?). Good luck :)

Also look out for an Annuals interview coming your way after the show. They'll be at CMJ Marathon too!

Podbop Weekly GiveawaysPodbop Weekly Giveaways

Podbop Prizes!

A few labels have been nice enough to support us and provide us with CDs/DVDs/T-Shirts etc. to give away. We'll be doing a giveaway every Friday evening on both Facebook and MySpace.

This week's winner won a prize pack including CDs from Endicott, Liars Academy & Bars provided by Equal Vision Records:

Plus stickers & keychains


Join the Facebook group (it's a global group so it doesn't matter what school you are from). We'll pick one lucky winner every Friday.


Add us as your friend and put us in your Top 8. We will select a random friend every Friday and if we are in your Top 8, you'll win!

This week's prize is Particle - Transformations Live For The People featuring Blackalicious, Robby Krieger, DJ Logic and Joe Satriani. It was provided by Special Ops Media. Check out a great review of the album at Blog Critics. Be sure to add us before July 28th (Friday) for a chance to win!

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