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  • Hot Track: Suphala - I Feel Awake Even Though This Is A Dream [MP3]
    Thank you Mediaeater
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  • Hot Mashup: ABX - The Ghostface Of You Lingers [MP3] (Ghostface Killah & Spoon)
  • NYC Concert: Final installment of the Wordless Music Series (tonight!)
  • NYC Concert: The Berg Sans Nipple @ Pianos (May 27)
    This is going to be awwwesome.
  • NYC Concert: Robosonic Eclectic (May 31 - June 2nd)
    Catch They Might Be Giants and others playing music composed for robots literally
  • NYC Concert: Bang On A Can Marathon (June 2-3)
    26 hours of non-stop, amazing and completely free music. HOLY SHIT
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  • The Bang On A Can Marathon in NYC (June 2-3, 2007)
    This looks amazing (and free). 26 Hours of UNINTERRUPTED live music including Clogs, The Books & Yo La Tengo. It might be worth the trip from FL
  • "I'm moving to Montana soon, gonna be a dental floss tycoon"
    No, not really.
  • JPG Magazine's upcoming issue is on music photography
    Some really great shots in there. I'm looking forward to this issue!
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  • Hot Track: Sir Salvatore - Hooray This Projector [MP3]
  • Cute videos from Friends of Alive in Baghdad
    Donate video equipment to support Alive in Baghdad (weekly video blog that brings testimonies from individual Iraqis, footage of daily life in Iraq, and short news segments from Iraq to you)
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  • 30% of the new albums by Arcade Fire & The Shins sold have been digital
    "Some industry watchers have wondered if indie rock fans are buying the albums as a way to financially support their heroes. Has buying an album become like the voluntary entrance fee at a museum, something you do because you "should" rather than because you "have to?""
  • Watch the first episode of This American Life online now!
  • This American Life (the TV Show) Debuts tonight on Showtime!
  • Weightshift's awesome infographic about his trip to SXSW
  • Awesome homemade mix-cd packaging
    Puts my Mixtape to shame!
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  • Check out the Nordic Nights showcase tonight
    And enter the contest to win 12 CDs
  • Schedule Two just released some live Grizzly Bear videos
  • Zune Guerilla Marketer Arrested At SXSW
  • Why Isn't SXSW WiFi perfect?
    It is/was unbareable how slow the internet got.
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  • RIAA demands $3000 settlement fee from 50 Ohio University Students
  • "The young people are always the early adopters but they are also the ones who are most likely to steal your content as well."
    - Rick DeVos, CEO Spout David Gale, Exec. VP at MTV's New Media during this session
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  • SXSWBaby's Handy Checklist
    Brett and I are sitting in the Tampa airport, waiting to leave!
  • The Unofficial Geek's Guide To Getting Over Yourself @ SXSW
    David Nunez will be the guy with the permanent smile handing out orange smiley face stickets :)
  • SXSW Clickguides: Put the whole schedule on your iPod
    I'm using this as a backup if I have open time slots.
  • Purevolume's Virb (Social Networking) Launches
    I hope this takes off, so beautifully executed. Best feature: "view profile in default styling"
  • How much do bands get paid @ SXSW? Flat fee of $225
    Though most pick the 1 badge and wristbands for all band members instead
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  • CMJ Marathon 2007 dates announced: Oct 16-20th
    Early Bird discounts now available
  • Barenaked Ladies: New Album. Free. No DRM. Now.
  • Beautiful and stunning Trentemoller music video
  • Save Our Internet Radio
    Under the new royalty structure, an Internet radio station with an average listenership of 1000 people would owe $134,000 in royalties during 2007. That’s over $11 per listener per month in 2007.
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  • Pillow Fight NYC: Saturday Feb 24, Union Square @ 2pm
  • RIAA is hunting down college kids
    Top 5 Music Stealing Schools: Ohio, Purdue, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, U of Tenn and U of S. Carolina.
    Perdue, who ignores most RIAA complaints, says "We are a leading technology school with thousands and thousands of curious and talented technology students."
  • 3 kids (all under 15) playing ROCK music
    Check out their covers of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath
  • NSFW: Best iPod Product Placement Ever
  • has a music blog called Speak Easy, who knew?
    They post some pretty great Youtube vids (check out the Jack Black one)
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  • Digital Music Forum East: NYC Feb 27-28
    Anthony (Hype Machine) and I will be checking things out and reporting back here
  • I saw Explosions In The Sky play @ New York Society for Ethical Culture two nights ago
    Reason #1240 To Love NYC: Somebody else is always at a show, is closer, and taking photos.
  • Hot Track: Explosions In The Sky - Catastrophe and the Cure (Four Tet Mix) [MP3]
  • Global Independent Streaming Support
    "A volunteer, non-commercial network created with free software for free media"
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  • The New Music Industry
    A nice overview of how 2007 is going to break the old way of doing things
  • Sirius and XM Radio are Merging
    Even bigger picture: "Imagine what will happen to the "broadcast" market when the unicast market can destroy it at any time?"
  • SXSW has released the first torrent of MP3s for performers
    739 MP3s, 3.1GB; Usually they release 2-3 sets
  • SXSW Music schedule is now posted
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  • Al Gore to host Live Earth concerts on all 7 continents on 7/7/07
    Including: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, Snoop Dogg, AFI, Damien Rice, Snow Patrol, John Legend, Akon, Mana, Kelly Clarkson and Korn
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  • NYC Free Show: See El Perro Del Mar @ Other Music on Feb 28
    I saw her in Brooklyn in November and they put on a *fantastic* show. Very Beautiful.
  • Short Documentary on Matthew Herbert by Cool Hunting
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  • SXSW Music's Preliminary Lineup has been announced
  • In depth look at Bjorks videography
    This bjork's for you Daniel
  • RIAA misreads Job's Open Letter On DRM
    They thought he wanted to openly license FairPlay haha
  • Steve Jobs Thoughts On Music
    "If such requirements were removed, the music industry might experience an influx of new companies willing to invest in innovative new stores and players. This can only be seen as a positive by the music companies."
  • Last.FM signs deal with Warner Music Group
    Will let users stream their ENTIRE catalog online (that includes WMG's labels like Atlantic, Elektra, Lava, Maverick, Nonesuch, Reprise, Rhino, Sire, Warner Bros. and Word)
  • Smashing Pumpkin's 6th Album, Zeitgeist comes out 7/7/07
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  • Digital has freed us so that we can pay 99 cents for that one song, when ten years ago we had to pay seven dollars for the extended single
    Albums will still thrive for artists that create music as an experience instead of consumable entertainment.
  • Interview with John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats
    On his love of horror, use of horror imagery in his writing, and how he thinks about ghosts, memory, and more.
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  • If you never thought you'd see porn and The Animal Collective collide, go rent Shortbus
    Bizarre, challenging, sexual and enjoyable.
  • Peanut Butter Wolf presents: Children Mixtape
    Featuring free tracks from Aloe Blac, Madlib the Beat Konducta, J. Rocc, and Arabian Prince
  • Teen Sues Major Labels For Collusion
  • Winter Music Conference & Festival: Miami Beach March 20-25
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  • Another Coachella 2007 ticket presale 1/25 till 10pm only
    Hop on the $250 tickets now, before they get even more expensive. Password: INDIO
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  • Contest: Win tickets to see Rapture in your city + $25 giftcard to Krudmart
  • Stereogum has a list of confirmed Coachella 2007 performers
    Highlights: Rage Against The Machine!, Arcade Fire, Interpol, Air, The Decemberists, Spank Rock, Hot Chip, Grizzly Bear
  • Old Boston Globe article on the legality balance beam that MP3 Bloggers straddle
    "[It's suprising] that major record labels haven't set up their own audioblogs, given the vast inventory of albums they've accumulated over the years".
  • eMusic Hits 250,000 Subscribers, Up 25% in 4 Months
    2007 will be an interested year for online music retailers. Best Battle Bet: iTunes, eMusic, Myspace Stores
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  • HOT Track: Shapemod ft. Snax & Jamie Lidell - Loves Too Much [MP3]

  • The AimluetLA is a batteryless, handheld light-activated audio device
    Stand over LEDs on the floor and this catchs an audio signal that nobody else can hear. Potential uses: museums, zoos etc with audio tours.
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  • Listen to Emily Haines live Wed December 10th on your local NPR station (or online)
    I'm seeing her tonight! And man do I love Hiro Ballroom
  • Idolator's Jackin Pop Poll is up
    Best part are the MS Paint drawings!
  • Popdrivel has a nice dose of live MP3s of Grizzly Bear
  • The Shins used fans footage from Austin City Limits to create a music video
    A little gimmicky and sounds cooler than it looks but still interesting
  • Ultra Music Festival: March 23-24, 2007 @ Miami Beach
    The Cure play for the first time since 2004's Coachella (I was there!)
  • Winter Music Conference: March 20-25, 2007 @ Miami Beach
  • Earplug Issue 85 is out
    Great twice-a-month newsletter from the Flavorpill people
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  • Visual Acoustics lets you play different instruments with your mouse (based on x/y axes)
  • Jogtunes: BPM based podcast of indie artists meant to be ran to. Awesome!
  • Music Plus TV is a streaming music video site
    I've been wanting something like this forever, and it's not the total answer, but it's a baby step
  • Did your band suck?
    A loveletter from your soundguy
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  • LA Times: Buzz Vertigo (Bands/Blogs/Buzz/Buzz/Buzz)
    "Everything I get from record companies, I toss in a bin," he said. "I put in a CD, and if I like the song, I listen to the next, and if I like the third song I take it home. I hardly read music magazines. If I decide I like a CD, then I'll start poking around on the Web to see what people have written." - Bob Boilen (director of NPR's All Songs Considered)
  • Barenaked Ladies are one of the few bands with innovative and creative band marketing
    A 256MB USB key, for $25, loaded with their album as MP3s, a ton of live tracks, graphics, videos, ringtones, and basically everything else you could want.
  • This Blows: YouTube, Mp3 Blogs, and How to Hype a New Band (as in, The Blow)
    Long-winded but really insightful, enjoyful entry. I look forward to more from this guy
  • New Yorker: Rap's drug obsession with coke
  • The Books: Don't take us literally
    "They have no interest in making personal statements. 'It's something we've tried to avoid entirely; to remove the ego from the writing process'"
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  • Paper Thin Walls has a great Mixtape
    Compiled of 30 different artists favorite tracks of the year
  • Pitchfork's Top 50 Albums of 2006
    The Knife, TVoTR, Joanna, G. Killah, The Hold Steady (there I just blew it for you)
  • The Florida Podbop Crew will be going to TV On The Radio come April in Orlando
    Ticketmaster's convenience charge is 28% of the ticket price!
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  • Go see Emily Haines on the Carson Daly Show on January 23 for free
    If you are even remotely close to Burbank, CA that is..
  • Australia court rules that even linking to copyrighted material is illegal
    There goes youtube, google, the hype machine and podbop...
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  • Did you know if you get an Album Leaf tat, you get in free to their shows for life?
    Just take this photo over to your local shop :)
  • Merry Swankster's got the BBC recording of the new(ish) Arcade Fire song Intervention
    A live version has been floating around for years, but is a newer. You can listen to the album version by calling 1-866-NEON-BIBLE x7777 (clever marketing ploy)
  • John Mayer has a really funny, interesting blog
    With stories about his Dundie, good music, and unwelcomed guests
  • TuneGlue Music Relationship Explorer
    Mashup of & Amazon data. Not super useful, but cool proof-of-concept
  • uPlayMe is a dating site based on meeting people that listen to the same music as you
  • Technorati's Popular Music Chart
  • Amazon to enter the crowded download market with MP3 only store
  • Wired reviews MP3 tagging software
    But leaves out my 2 favorites: Tag&Rename and MusicBrainz
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  • Pitchfork Feature - Guest List: Best of 2006
    Find out what some of Pitchfork's favorite artists enjoyed listening to in 2006.
  • DeSoto Records: For the Benefit of Cal Robbins
    The 11-month-old son of J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Channels) was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It is often fatal and he will never walk. Please donate.
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  • Does renter's insurance cover your digital music collection?
    Short answer: NO (but as digital music grows, companies like iTunes should think about this)
  • Lifehacker asks "What's the best music subscription download site?"
  • Rawkblog's Best of 2006 Albums (with a .zip sampler)
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  • Stylus Magazine: 2006 Editor Picks
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  • Pitchfork: The Year In News 2006: Part 1
  • Awesome Coke Commercial: What Goes Around
    With music by The White Stripe's Jack White that you can get here
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  • Young At Heart is a chorus group of 70-90 year olds
    And they sing covers of Coldplay, Radiohead, Sonic Youth and more.
  • Brooklyn Vegan: How To Enjoy A Concert
  • Gift Ideas: Wholphin DVD Magazine Of Unseen Films
    From the McSweeny's crew; 4 issues annually for $40
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  • Woxy Radio's Holiday Mixer! 24/7 Streaming Collection of Holiday Tuneage!
    And I almost thought it was impossible for me to love Woxy even more.
  • Gift Ideas: 20 Questions Music Trivia Handheld Game
    I had the normal version of this with me in Europe last year, amazingly correct most of the time
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  • 20 years since their last album, America's new 2-disc album "Here & Now" has indie cred
    With collaborations including Fountains of Wayne, Smashing Pumpkins, Ryan Adams, Ben Kweller, Nada Surf and My Morning Jacket
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  • Chilling YouTube video of the Rhode Island nightclub fire caused by the band Great White's pyrotechnics.
    96 people died on that February 20th, 2003 night.
  • Interview with Bram Cohen on BitTorrent's Future
    Sorry Mac/Linux users: " We're rolling out with some content DRM'd, using Windows DRM, at the insistence of our content partners."
  • Open access to the recently relaunched till December 14th
    Ever wonder what industry folks get to see? Check it out for free
  • New Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape available for download
    This is their 15th mix, and they have been pretty good at mixing it up with genres and unknown acts
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  • Ryan Irvine (of Good Hodgkins) launches new music blog Wolf Notes
  • Hot Track: Daft Punk VS Yeah Yeah Yeahs - World Maps [mp3]

    (Killer mashup by Electric Zoo)
  • Nike Hatphones combine fleece cap + headphones + ipod pocket for $60
  • The rock princesses of the blogosphere
    "...artists are using the internet to maintain their identities separate from record company machinations or even to run their own careers."
  • Sounds Are Active is having a Bizzart sticker contest till December 31st
    Request some stickers, take some photos, best photo wins $50
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  • Skatterbrain's "The Epic As Fuck Mix" is worth downloading.
  • Warner Music Group only posted a $12 million profit due to $13 million settlement from Kazaa
    With $854 million of revenue, their margins seem really, really small don't you think?
  • Original LP of Velvet Underground's 1967 Debut (pressed when the band was looking for a label)
    Bought for 75 cents at a flea market, its now going for $18k on ebay (with 7 days left!)
  • Langerado Festival Tickets (Sunrise, FL) go on sale Friday December 1st, 10am
    Performers include Matisyahu, Stephen Malkmus, Explosions In The Sky, Four Tet, The Slip, Girl Talk, My Morning Jacket, Cat Power, The Hold Steady (and a shitload of hippy bands)
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  • "We don't give a fuck about the Gap or American Express, and we are in no way endorsing their products, but as long as scientists are developing drugs [to stop AIDS] the money could be coming from the devil for all I care"
    - Win from The Arcade Fire on (RED) (via Media Eater)
  • Old Subpop Prank on Pitchfork -- Popdork
    Tangent: Why do all the PF designs (old and new) suck?
  • A Brief History Of Pop Music
    I was holding off posting this till I figured out what all the songs were, but somebody beat me to the punch
  • Fonpods lets you listen to podcasts on the phone
    I almost thought this was a good idea for Podbop till I listened to the Gainesville feed (712-432-3030) and remembered that phones only support like 32kbps
  • PodCamp Atlanta: Podcasting unConference (means it's free!) March 30 - April 1, 2007
    There are only 20 people signed up right now, but I'm considering it.
  • New iPod taxes loom (to pay for all that music you are stealing)
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  • Sexiest. Headphones. Ever.
  • Tons of videos of the bands that played Fader's CMJ Party
    Recommended: Aloe Blacc, Ladyhawk, Tiombe Lockhart
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  • Fabchannel now doing a daily Vodcast (vidcast?) of some of their live performances
    Including Bloc Party, Vive La Fete, State Radio, Adrian Borland, LPG, Versus the World, Daughters of Soul and more
  • Download "The Corporation" via legal Bittorrent
    Sundance-winning documentary
  • Paris Hilton vomits while trying to sing her own song
    Irony ensues
  • A study on bittorrent and gifting
    Sharing with no direct benefit
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  • Air Guitar T-Shirt Lets Fake-Rockers Play For Real (Kinda)
  • NYC Recommended Show: Bang On A Can 12/5
    (They are an award winning experimental/classical group)
  • The New Yorker has an excellent, excellent article on Steve Reich
    The experimental/classical composer that has challenged the musical landscape for decades
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  • SMS Jukebox lets you text your song requests in
    Kinda takes away the nostalgia of flipping through the pages to select your song though
  • Why (Music) Blogs Suck
    "I am afraid of the analogous phenomena happening: blog as signifier for experience, rather than experience itself."
  • The Spiffy Content Resolver takes an XSPF playlist and resolves the tracks in MusicBrainz
    Could possibly be used to provide more information for Podbop or Hype Machine streams
  • YottaMusic is a web-based streaming version of the Rhapsody music library (via Media Eater)
  • Gizmodo field tests tiny video watching
    And in other news, nobody is using their iPod Video to watch videos. If I had one I would definitely watch ZeFrank on it though
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  • Top 40 Bands In America in 2006
    Put together based on what music bloggers wrote about the most this year
  • Mashup Camp III: Boston, Jan 17-18 2007
    Podbop was launched at the first one in SF last March
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  • Orlando's Anti*Pop Music Festival
    November 13 - 19 featuring Saul Williams, Mute Math, Trail of Dead, Blood Brothers, The Draft and more. Panels on Saturday.
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  • Chicago Public Radio's This American Life: Stories Of Hope & Fear
    With music by Blonde Redhead, Calexico, Thurston Moore and more
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  • YouTube Video Preview of LVHRD CLLPHNLCKN tonight @ MoMA
  • LVHRD Event in NYC tonight @ MoMA w/ Les Savy Fav
    I'll be there!
  • Rainer Maria Break Up
    Which makes sense, because I swear I saw their guitarist selling merch for The Blow all week
  • Pitchfork's CMJ Report Wrap-up
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  • CMJ2006: Flavorpill's picks for the week
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  • Insound's "Save The Album" is a pretty great marketing move.
    They got Colin Meloy, John Darnielle, Tim Harrington and more to talk about their favorite albums which you can then buy directly.
  • Hot CMJ Venue Pick: The Hiro Ballroom is one of my favorite venues in NYC
    They carry the asian theme out so well and the paper lamps make for some great ambiance
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  • The irresistible rise of the Numa Numa dance
    "Everyone laughed at the Star Wars Kid; everyone wanted to be the Numa Numa Guy—to feel that un-self-consciously self-conscious joy"
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  • CMJ2006 Band: Favourite Sons MP3s and Videos Explaining Their Songs
  • New Shins albums "Wincing The Night Away" has leaked unto thy internets
    But Subpop has been policing torrent and blog sites like no other, which is funny because everyone, so far, has said the album is mediocre.
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  • Stereogum's got a great tale of a fan crashing a TV On the Radio show
  • Saddlecreek gives away sampler exclusively on Bittorrent
    This is awesome. I'm looking forward to more labels following suit.
  • Pitchfork gives Badly Drawn Boy's new album a 2.8
    Sadly, I have to agree, though I really loved his 2002 About A Boy soundtrack.
  • Hot Track: Arms - Tiger Tamer [mp3]
  • Russian MP3 Web site gives away its entire catalogue
    The catch: Songs can only be listened to using their ad-supported software, and each song works on just one computer at a time.
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  • Reverb Nation will compete with Myspace Music
    It launches October 31st @ CMJ
  • Troika Music Festival in Durham, NC Oct 18-21 only $20
    Damn good deal to for Asobi Seksu, Man Man, Mountain Goats, Okkervil River, Portastatic and more
  • CMJ Marathon 2006 Schedule (with venues, dates, bands) is now up!
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