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Happy Birthday Podbop!Happy Birthday Podbop!


This one almost passed us by. Today is Podbop's first birthday! Just one short year ago, Daniel and I launched our little mashup upon the world. A few days after that we won Best Mashup at the first ever Mashup Camp in Mountain View, CA.

It's our birthday, so we can gush right?

As of today we have 3,583 Artists offering 5,650 free and legal MP3s (with over 80 record labels offering their full catalog).

We've also recieved some incredible press including mentions from TechCrunch, CNN.com, CBS, CBC Radio, News.com, Popular Science, Newsweek, Flavorpill, Daily Candy, The Chicago Tribune and even a chapter in a book. Most recently our blog has been mentioned on CNN.com and Guardian.co.uk.

We've also started taking Podbop in a new direction by not only offering city specific podcast feeds, but in-depth festival coverage and our own festival scheduling app. We covered 4 Festivals last year and look to cover even more in 2007 (starting with SXSW in a month!).

Thanks to everyone for reading and supporting us. Thanks to the artists and labels who believe there should be an easier way to discover concerts (and listen to them) in your town. Thanks to Mashup Camp and the web community for embracing us. Thanks to our blog editors. Thanks to the entire Eventful team (especially Chris Radcliff) for supporting us in every way possible (api and moral).

Thank you Daniel for believing in this project enough to put so much time into it and making a great partner.

Check out photos on Flickr tagged with Podbop.

Toolshed Joins PodbopToolshed Joins Podbop

toolshed-biz.jpg Really excited to announce that we've recently teamed up with Toolshed, a digital media marketing firm, to get all the bands they represent on board with Podbop. That's over 100 bands!

Some highlights include: South, Jeremy Enigk, The Awkward Stage, My Brightest Diamond, Amon Tobin, Frank Black, Sam Bisbee, and Black Heart Procession.

What's that really mean? More matches for your city. So if you haven't searched for your city recently, go try it out and stream it through the pop-up player or grab a podcast for local concert discovery delivered daily :)

If you've never done it, you should also try browsing around our database as a quick and easy way to sample and discover bands without the overhead of kludging through MySpace. Just last night while browsing Toolshed's additions, I discovered a great Guster-esque band called Johan.

New Podbop Feature: Build Your Own Festival ScheduleNew Podbop Feature: Build Your Own Festival Schedule

Yesterday Taylor and I launched a new piece of Podbop's ongoing music festival coverage: you can now build your own itinerary to share, save, and print!

The first two festivals with this feature are The Fest V - going on right now here in Gainesville, FL - and CMJ Music Marathon - next week in New York.

In addition to Podbop's coverage of The Fest and CMJ Music Marathon, we provide the full schedule for each day of the festival. Choose the shows you want to see, save the schedule, and share it with your friends!

Once you save your schedule, you get a link you can share with your friends. This page is also conveniently printable - take it with you to the show for a list of when and where your favorite bands are playing. (Example)

Special thanks to Chris Radcliff and the rest of the Eventful crew for helping us out with this release - we couldn't have done it without them!

Podbop DowntimePodbop Downtime

Our hosting provider ran into some configuration problems over the weekend, causing Podbop's first major outage. Things are returning to normal now.

I apologize for the downtime. Let us know if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

New Podbop Feature: Festival PagesNew Podbop Feature: Festival Pages

Daniel and I are very pleased to present Podbop Festival pages. This is where we will be showcasing select festivals. What's really exciting about these are how we carry out our community aspect, allowing anybody to contribute

Having gone to Coachella, SXSW, Music Midtown and others, I know what it's like to get involved. Once you've decided to go to a festival, you start keeping tabs on who's rumored to be there and what good bands to look out for. Once you've gone you want to see what other people thought, if they caught that crazy moment on camera, and a place to share your own experiences and photos. I hope that showcasing festivals will help build a sort of community for those involved.

Our first festival, as you might've guessed, is Athens Popfest 2006. Here's a breakdown of the features:

Podbop Blog Coverage

All the previews, interviews and show reviews that our editors have written about the festival will show up here. See who we're excited to be seeing, who you should avoid, what your favorite bands are saying, and how it all went down.

Blogosphere Coverage

We pull in entries from Technorati tagged with that festival's designated tag (in this case it's athenspopfest2006). This is how you can get your own entries showcased. Technorati has more information on how to tag your blog entries to get them included.

Festival Photos

We pull these from Flickr using the same tag. Again, anyone can participate.


This is a slice out of the city pages, where you get a preview of all the performances happening at the festival. Just like on our city pages, we match up performers with mp3s.

On-the-go Concert DiscoveryOn-the-go Concert Discovery

iPods with a Podbop City Feed on them

This is something I've been meaning to highlight since we launched. As everyone knows, one of the coolest things about Podbop is that we offer a podcast feed for every city full of mp3s from bands coming soon. What you may not know is just how useful that podcast feed can be. Here's a run through with the Gainesville feed:

1) The full podcast feed screen lists all the artists, their songs, and the date they are playing in Gainesville. Click the middle button and...

2) It brings you to this screen where you can see the song playing. Click the middle button again and...

3) You get who else is playing with Cassette, When they are playing (thats 7:00pm for you 24 hour illiterate types), and where.

Why this is so freaking cool

You can literally throw a city feed on your iPod, whether you're traveling to a new city or hanging out in your hometown, and discover good music on the go, and find out where they are playing that night. It's your own dynamic concert tourbook.

So go throw it on your iPod already and get outside!

Magnatune MusicMagnatune Music

Magnatune Logo
I'm pleased to announce that I've just finished importing Magnatune's collection of artists into Podbop. This includes almost 230 artists and over 450 songs. (While their full catalog contains many more songs, we're limiting artists to two songs at the moment.)

Magnatune was very generous in allowing us to import full songs at 128 kbps. There's a brief voiceover at the end of each song, but that's the only additional consideration they've asked for.

Hopefully the Magnatune artists will add their shows. Personally I'd love to see Williamson (among others).

So, thanks to Magnatune and their artists for helping out Podbop. If any other labels are interested in mass importing, please grab our example .csv file and email it to music@podbop.org.

Podbop Version 2Podbop Version 2

I am proud to present Podbop version two. Many, many long days, nights and weekends later - it's finally here!

New features:

We serve the world

The funny thing is, we always have. The map on the front page was meant to just be a fun way to show cities recently searched. But many misunderstood it, thinking Podbop was a US-only service. Well, no more confusion! Now we have maps for Canada, Europe and the whole world to make our coverage more clear.

Radius & Podbop/All Events

Easily the most requested feature. You can now add a radius (up to 50 miles) to your city search so you don't have to subscribe to two or three podcast feeds.

Also, you now have the option of seeing all events in your area or, with a check of a box, just the events for which we have an MP3 for.

Browse Artist Database

Instead of just waiting for artists to play your city, why not browse around our database and discover thousands of free MP3s.

Event Adding

A big disconnect we noticed were bands adding themselves to Podbop and then wondering why they never got much exposure. Podbop is the most useful when you keep adding your current tour dates. Now you can do that within Podbop. You can still add them through Eventful as well.

The final new feature is this blog you are looking at. I've had an itch to be able to share new music I love, write about concerts & festivals I've attended, and discuss where the music industry is heading. I also know a few people who have better taste than me, go to more concerts than me, and know more about the music industry. I invited these six people to all be writers on this blog, and I'm excited about what they will be able to contribute. So welcome Pedro, Cory, Keith, Brett, Liz & Mark!

And finally, I'd like to thank everyone who helped Daniel and I make this release happen. Kaela, Scott, Chirag & Brett: I am truly thankful for your patience, advice and friendship.

4 Months (And The Future)4 Months (And The Future)

Our little website launched just four months ago as of yesterday. In such a short time we've gained national and international press. Just today we surpassed 2,500 bands (including over 70 labels' full catalogs) listed.

We've enjoyed quick growth for relatively little contribution since launch. Daniel and I have been busy with our full time jobs at the University of Florida's Web Administration.

I'm pleased to announce we plan on stepping up development. This starts with June 26th - 30th, which I have deemed "Podbop Week." Both of us are taking a week off of our jobs to concentrate on development and business issues relating to Podbop.

On the list is a new logo, updated site, tackling some of the big feature requests, and giving you more of what you didn't even know you needed. :)

Music Arsenal + PodbopMusic Arsenal + Podbop

"Music Arsenal is a music industry business management tool. Our web application helps record labels, booking agents, managers, promoters and anyone else in the music industry manage their companies in an easy way."

I've had the chance to take a look at the backend and it's a really easy, inexpensive tool to manage your company. The best part? It now submits tour dates you've listed within the program to Eventful and Podbop. It will be very interesting to see which record labels are smart enough to utilize the new web tools coming out these days.

Read more about it on the Music Arsenal Blog.

In Swishy MagazineIn Swishy Magazine

Podbop is mentioned in this month's Swishy Magazine, a Spanish guide for traveling women.

The translated content: (Thanks to Michael Cruz)
If you are going to the United States on business or vacation and you don't know where to go out at night because you're worried that you'll end up in a tourist trap, the best way to get to know the local club scene - be it in New York or Springfield (the Illinois, Massachusetts, Virginia or Missouri one) - consists of seeing a local band or DJ perform.

It wasn't easy to access information on the local underground until Podbop, a website where you key in the name of the city you're visiting to get a list of bands, with the dates and venues where they will be playing. You can then download their music to decide which you like the most.

This will always be a surprise. Just as in Mexico, the shows are sometimes good and sometimes not so much, but you will definitely know what they really sound like.

The original content:
Si vas a ir a estados unidos en plan de trabajo o de vacaciones y no sabes a donde salir en la noche porque te preocupa caer en un trampa para turistas, la mejor forma de conocer al verdadero clubbing del lugar -dondequiera que sea, desde Nuevo York hasta Springfield (el de Illinois, Massachusetts, Virginia o Missoura)- consiste en asistir a alguna tocada de un grupo o DJ local.

Antes no era facil acceder a informacion de estos lugares underground hasta que surgio Podbop, una pagina de Internet donde solo tecleas el nombre de la ciudad que visitaras y recibes a cambio una lista de las bandas, con las fechas y lugares donde se presentaran en la ciudad que vas a visitar. Hasta puedes bahar archivos mp3 con la musica de esos grupos a fin de elegir el que mas te guste.

Esto siempre sera una sorpresa. Igual que en Mexico, las tocadas son a veces muy buenas y a veces no tanto, pero lo que si es seguro es que conoceras algo de lo que en verdad esta sonando.

Updated Site Released!Updated Site Released!

It's been a good while since Daniel and I have done a release, so I'm really excited to get back into things. Here's a brief summary of the new stuff:

  • We have a blog now!
  • City pages have been improved
  • We added M3U downloads and a popup player to city pages, for even more ways to listen
  • The support page now has record label logos listed

Let us know what you think! :)

Mashup Camp is OverMashup Camp is Over

Back from California. We won Mashup Camp! It was so awesome. I wrote about it on my blog. Thanks to everyone for voting, supporting and generally making last week the best week of my life.

Getting Buzz!Getting Buzz!

We're so glad you like us. :) Thanks to everyone who blogged and linked up Podbop. Just to name a few: Lifehacker, Tech Crunch, N.Sputnik, Web 2.0 Journal, IndieHQ, San Diego Serenade, iPod Nirvana, Baby Grandpa (NSFW), NetzWelt and Hypebot. We appreciate all the feedback and suggestions for improvement. We are still hacking away!

Podbop Just ReleasedPodbop Just Released

We have finally unleashed our 'little' mashup upon the world. We hope you love it as much as we do. Head over to gtmcknight.com for more info about the launch.

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