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Podbop Showcast: Gainesville, FLPodbop Showcast: Gainesville, FL

In conjunction with Grow Radio (more on that later) I will be doing a few weekly streaming shows.

First and foremost will be my Podbop Showcast for Gainesville where I spin the Gainesville Podbop Feed and let you know who's coming to town every week and where you can catch them. My slot is still being figured out but I thought I'd throw up my first show up for download here. Future shows will be broadcast (probably daily) and available for download.

Grab Podbop Showcast: Gainesville, FL Oct 16-22, 2006 (.zip 56mb)

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The Crew

  • Eydie Cubarrubia
  • Taylor McKnight
  • Cory Monteiro
  • Keith Robinson
  • Brett Roegiers
  • Elizabeth Tan
  • Mark Trammell
  • Daniel Westermann-Clark



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