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Rodrigo y GabrielaRodrigo y Gabriela

I have been playing Rodrigo y Gabriela's self-titled album compulsively over the past 4 days. Like atleast, literally, over a dozen times. IT IS SO GOOD. Reminds me a bit of Kaki King (acoustic, neck-hitting percussion), but different (latin flavor).

Check out the video and be convinced:

SJ EsauSJ Esau

SJ Esau has a new album coming out on Anticon soon called Wrong Faced Cat Feed Collapse. It's one guy who makes electropop reminiscient of Lymbyc System and Album Leaf.

The video for the track "The Wrong Order" sealed the deal for me:

The blog has been a bit slow because while yes I've been busy, I think the bar ended up being set too high for a blog entry. While I may not have an hour to sit and write a long detailed entry, that shouldn't stop me from sharing some really great stuff lately.

Check out his website for more free mp3s and an awesome colloboration track with Why?

SXSW Video: Plus/MinusSXSW Video: Plus/Minus

SXSW 2007 Coverage

Cory and Alicia caught Plus/Minus at the Merge Records Day Party last week and had this to say about the show: "great bands and maybe 30 people there. free beer...nice day."

Here's Plus/Minus performing their awesome song Fadeout:

View on Vimeo

Reggie Watts: Out Of ControlReggie Watts: Out Of Control

It's a bit Scatman (YT Vid), a bit Jamie Lidell (YT Vid) and a bit just Reggie.

Reggie Watts: Out Of Control on Vimeo via Scott

For more Reggie check out his myspace

Athens Popfest Music VideoAthens Popfest Music Video

Brett, Mark, Kaela, and I covered Athens Popfest last August and took a bit of footage for Cory to put together into, what I like to call, a documentary music video. I actually forgot to post it months ago, so here it is in all it's glory:

Download full video 17mb .mov or view on Vimeo

Elliott Smith Makes Everything SadderElliott Smith Makes Everything Sadder

Don't ask me why I was motivated to put on pop videos while listening to Elliott Smith, but be glad that I did. It yields some interesting effects. I simply chose a song that had a close match to the videos length, and wah-la, pop-culture redefined Elliott Smith style.

Directions: Click play on the flash mp3 player, then play the YouTube video on mute.

Paris Hilton's "Stars Are Blind" + Elliott Smith's "Twilight"

Elliott Smith turns this disposable sex-pop beach fantasy into an ode to a lost girlfriend. The way the video fades in and out of color, is like the memory he's trying to hold on to. The video goes from a third person perspective of the happy couple, lounging in the sand to how he likes to remember her, in a sundress, dancing in the sun just for him. The saddest part is when he stops singing, letting the sullen instrumentation take over as the camera pans to flying over the ocean to find Paris driving in the sun, alone and happy.

Elliott's lyrics that fit oddly well into the video:

She's a sight to see, she's good to me
I'm already somebody's baby
She's a pretty thing and she knows everything
But I'm already somebody's baby
You don't deserve to be lonely
But those drugs you got won't make you feel better
Pretty soon you'll find it's the only little part of your life you're keeping together

Britney Spears' "Everytime" + Elliott Smith's "Needle In The Hay"

Soundies: Early 1940's Music VideosSoundies: Early 1940's Music Videos

Sure MTV may not show many music videos these days, but before they even knew what a music video was, there were Soundies. These early versions of music videos were created in the 1940's and were shown on coin-operated juke boxes in clubs and restaurants. They were especially popular for spreading performances of African-American artists (who were blocked from performing in other public formats). (Wikipedia)

Zig-Me-Baby-with-a-Gentle-Z.jpg Zig Me Baby with a Gentle Zag (Featuring Gai Moran, Danny Hocktor)
It's like the "Hit Me Baby One More Time" of the 1930's. The shadow of the band makes a really great backdrop as these two shake it with such classics as playing the air piano dance. In all the soundies, they are over-excited , but I could probably do without the dork next to the singer dancing his smile off.

Reg-Kehoe-and-his-Marimba-Queen Reg Kehoe and his Marimba Queen
Awesome soundie. Not only do you have seven Marimba Queens playing the xylophone, but a guy with seven Red Bulls in him playing the upright bass. Watch for the best part, when he brings the bass upfront. That guy knows how to rock out.

DoCopenhagen's Top 50 Music Videos Of 2006DoCopenhagen's Top 50 Music Videos Of 2006

Since last year, DoCopenhagen has been putting out a top 50 music videos list which have been top notch. Last year's list introduced me to Jason Forrest for the first time (who I got to see rock out @ SXSW this year). This year's list is no disappointment (and I was pleased to see he linked to all YouTube vids instead of Quicktime). Check it out for some safe favorites and new bands you haven't heard of yet.

Apparently a seldomly used feature on YouTube is playlists. Here's a playlist I created with all 50 of DoCopenhagen's picks. You can just hit play once and let it play all the way through. Enjoy and let me know if you think there are any glaring omissions. I think Emily Haines' Dr. Blind should've made it.

Open the playlist in a popup window

Update: Well that sucks. You can only play the first 6 videos in the playlist above (and in the popup) before it makes you go to the playlist page on YouTube. No wonder playlists aren't taking off.

Beirut's Scenic WorldBeirut's Scenic World

Beirut - Scenic World

The Anchor Center recently posted the above recording of a Beirut show from October 10th that is so good. Man, I love those trumpet parts.

More Vids:
YouTube: Beirut - Elephant Gun
YouTube: Beirut - Untitled (Closing Song)

Final Fantasy Covers MariahFinal Fantasy Covers Mariah

Final Fantasy's Owen Pallett's rendition of Mariah Carey's song Fantasy

Copenhagen Music VideoCopenhagen Music Video

Cory continues his adventures abroad with this weeks homemade music video installment from Copenhagen.

Copenhagen on Vimeo (or grab the original 27mb .mov)

The track is off Grizzly Bear's brand new album Yellow House. Check out IGIF's excellent review.

Folk cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya"Folk cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya"

Mat Weddle, singer and guitarist for Phoenix's Obadiah Parker, does an excellent folky cover of Outkast's "Hey Ya."

Five stars/5 Stars

A Day In BerlinA Day In Berlin

Another amazzzzzzing music video by fellow editor Cory Monteiro documenting his adventures abroad.

A Day In Berlin on Vimeo (or grab the original 24mb .mov)

God that track is good too. Probably one of my favorite covers ever. I've included it below :)

Silversun PickupsSilversun Pickups

I first heard Silversun Pickups a year ago on WOXY radio and fell in love. I got the chance to see them in a mostly empty venue during CMJ last year in NYC. I was easily the only crazed, rockin' out fan there but I had a complete blast. Their Pikul EP from last year topped my best of '05 list. This years Carnavas doesn't disappoint either.

Here's the video for "Kissing Families" (Pikul EP, 2005)

Here's hoping that being in a VW Commercial isn't the beginning of a corporate overdose. Tour dates after the jump!

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